Himanshu Bengani
This blog, may be named after me, but belong to all those people who like to read and write something fresh, witty, interesting, thrilling and yet logical. We are not in the rat race to write only on those things that can earn us quick money but we are here looking to add amazing stories, articles and blogs that can awe the user one line after the other. This blog will surely not have solely promotional stories or brand marketing stuff but pure entertaining content that beside entertaining you, will provide you some good life lessons and something worthy to think upon. This blog belongs to all the amazing people who will love to read/write on it. Let's get starting... Jai Mata Di

The Superstar

The bodyguards of Salem Khan were struggling with his fans as they were dying for a glimpse of their superstar. Salem Khan, who as known...

चलो यह भी ठीक है

कुछ चाहने वाले है कुछ नफरत वाले है चलो यह भी ठीक है, दुनिया की यही रीत है ********************************************************************************************************************************************* किसी के लिए खुदा है, किसी...

The Car

Gawdammnit – he yelled as once again he failed in fixing the error. He got irritated and hence, went for a walk. He realized that...

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