Funny Troll of Baba Ram Rahim and Asharam

Baba Ram Rahim and Asaram to be Featured in Dostana-2. Radhe Maa will be joining soon.


Asaram and Baba Ram Rahim are male version of Sunny Leone and Poonam Pandey


The New Rhyme is –

Baba Baba Rahim Ji

Why did you do the Bhul?

What to do What to do

When Girl Beautiful did the Chul

The good thing about Baba Ram Rahim going to Jail is – The innocent audience have not to bear the next part of MSG – Big Relief!!!


Baba Ram Rahim Ji Dedicated a Song to Sunny Leone

Ishq ke Naam par Karte sabhi ab Raas-Leela hai

Mein Karu to Sala Character Dheela hai


The young boys suddenly get clean shaved

After seeing two beard babas in Jail (Asaram and Ram Rahim)


Ram Rahim slept in the dark for the first time; in the past he has  – You Know what I mean!


Asaram did same pinch to baba Ram rahim when he arrived in the Jail.


Baba Ram Rahim to be taken in the biopic of Emraan Hashmi


Meanwhile in Pakistan, Kids are singing the Alphabets

A for Asharam

B for Baba Ram Rahim

Baba Ram Rahim contacted Ekta Kapoor to take the leap of 20 Years as she does in his daily soaps. 20 Years leap in 20 seconds!


Baba Ram Rahim followed Mulayam Singh as he understands that rape is just a mistake.


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Funny Troll of Baba Ram Rahim and Asharam

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