The Marriage

Vivek was driving the car, and Dhara was all furious at him. They went to a party where Vivek was all busy with his friends and Dhara was feeling isolated. When she was not able to take it, she went to him and said – I am not feeling good, can we please leave. He requested her to wait for a few minutes but she was not ready to spend a single moment more over there, so she insisted him to leave right now in an angered tone. That brought embarrassment to him in front of his friends. He, forcefully, bid bye to his friends and left with Dhara. When they reached the parking area, he shouted on Dhara for creating a scene over there. Dhara responded with even angered tone and said – ‘What do you think of yourself, I went to the party because it mattered to your business and you were not even introducing me to your friends, I was feeling deserted. How can you do this to me.’ From then on they were fighting.

Dhara and Vivek were married 4 years back in an arranged marriage set-up. Things were never good between them. They never enjoyed each other’s company, never tried to understand each other and never took the pain to keep their ego aside to make their marriage beautiful. It was not that they were in love with someone else, but actually, they were not meant or made for each other. Nobody was wrong or right in their relationship, they were equal culprits in killing it inch by inch. They were just continuing their marriage life for the sake of their families. They never had a good time, they never enjoyed walking hands in hands, they never felt what care is all about, they have never know about the good night kisses, the morning hugs, the cuddle in the lazy afternoon and giving a shower to each other in the night. They were actually robotic couple having no feelings for each other.

Their daily fights in the house have traumatized vivek’s mother a lot. She always wanted to have everything well between them, but nothing much happened. Two days back, when she went to the temple, she broke. She prayed mata rani to bring peace between them so that she can die peacefully! The people around also had a teary eye when they listened to her prayers. She was confident that Mata Rani will make her wish come true.

car accidentBack to the day, they were fighting in the car. On listening to the harsh words of Dhara, continuously, vivek got irritated and banged his hand on the steering, the car got dis-balanced and happen to bump in a tree. Both fell unconscious, the people around helped them out and admitted them to the hospital. Fortunately, there was no major injury to both of them. Just the minor cracks and cuts. After getting the first aid, they quietly went to the home.

But, this accident brought a miracle in their life. Yes, the couple who have not even talked to each other was pouring love on each other since the very next day of a road accident. First, the mother thought – they might be just acting to make her feel good but when she secretly followed them to their room and seen them dipped in romantic talks, she got the best smile of her life on her face.

Their love for each other was crossing every limit. They got so obsessed with each other that they never want to disappear from each other sight. Once the most tragic couple has turned into the most loving couple. The love was not just in the air but it was everywhere around them even in the vacuum. Yes, you might think it is completely illogical, but their love was also illogical and insane. There was no explanation to how they got so much into love. They were enjoying the best time of their life filled with overwhelming and mesmerizing moments.

They were enjoying surprise date, short trips, long drives, coffee in the garden, long romantic walks, naughty nights and what not? They were getting more than mad for each other. They just can’t stop looking at each other. I love you and I love you too are the only sentences left in their book of life. The love has crossed all barricades and it went to every bit of their body or I could say they were completely dissolved in love like salt in water. The time flew like a rocket and 10 months were completed in loving each other.

They were now planning for their 5th wedding anniversary which was just around the corner. They planned to celebrate it in real wedding style included of all ceremonies, rituals, events, and everything. They were so excited to celebrate it that way and so were their families. The preparation took the full swing and 5-day marriage ceremony began. They enjoyed each and everything to the core. On the day of the main event, they were happier than ever. The wedding took place in Indian traditional style near the temple build in their house. Then, they went on to celebrate their first night.

But, the next day morning, the fortune took a bizarre turn. Vivek’s mother passed away because of heart failure and left everyone stunned in the family. And guess what! Vivek and Dhara started fighting again. Yes, they turned evil again. So, were they acting to keep their mother happy? NO, the twist is here!

7 Years Back

Pulkit and Mishti were die hard lovers. They were in love with each other since they were just 15 and were neighbors. But, both were from a different caste. This was the biggest evil in their undefinable love. Despite all the odds and the unorthodox parents, they were never stopped loving each other. They were so attached to each other that they can never imagine life without each other but in the heart – they have known that their families would never appreciate their relation. They wanted to get married but after being settled. Marriage was their one and only big dream, they have spent infinite nights in discussing their marriage and life after that. In imagination, they got married for ‘N’ number of times. They had several photo shoots in the wedding dresses. They were just crazy for the marriage.

Besides being the most adorable lovers. They were true devotees of Mata Rani and has all faith in her. They believed wholeheartedly that Mata Rani won’t set them apart ever. And will get married beside the feet of Mata Rani.

Everything was going well both were selected in an MNC company with a handsome package and joining date was just a few days away. Their dream of marriage was about to turn true but then, their families got to know about their affair. Both got the hell of beating and curses from their families and were restricted to their houses until they do not forget each other.

They spent several days crying, sobbing, dying in heart and missing each other until the day they got an opportunity to send the message through a guy who was well known to both of the families. The guy exchanged their messages. Pulkit then made a plan and conveyed it to Mishti through the same guy.

The plan was to behave normally at the house and making their families feel they have forgotten each other completely. And when the family would get convinced and will set them free. They will run away! Mishti understood the plan and started behaving the same way. She started helping her mother in her household chores, started enjoying the silly fights with her younger brother, started acting normal with her father and stopped crying. Same was the case with Pulkit. He too started behaving all normal. Soon, the family started generating faith in them and were allowed to join their respective jobs.

They joined the office and ignored interacting with each other in initial days as they felt that their families might be spying on them. When they have confirmed that everything is safe and there is no one who is following them, they started planning to run away to make their sole dreams of their life come true – The Marriage.

The day came when they were all set to run away. Their seniors helped them and transferred them to another city. They were given holidays for 10 days to get wedded and enjoy their honeymoon; post to that, they were supposed to join the office in the new city.

They left for the airport at the right time but were stopped mid way by some people. Their families, unfortunately, got to know about the whole episode. They were in so much anger that they killed both of them on the spot and hanged them to a tree. Their spirits were unsatisfied because their last dream of getting married was yet to be fulfilled and hence, they didn’t get the heavenly pleasures and were left as a spirit on that tree.  The same tree where Vivek’s car crashed. The spirits possessed the body of Vivek and Dhara. This is how the change came to the lives of Vivek and Dhara.

Their spirits set free when they able to get married by being in the body of Vivek and Dhara. So, you see – it was all set destined to happen and master plan executed by Mata Rani. Yes, Vivek’s mother wanted to see them before she died peacefully. It happened! Pulkit and Mishti, the true devotees of Mata Rani, wanted to remain together forever and to get married beside the feet of Mata Rani! It happened – Remember! The wedding took place beside the temple.

Jai Mata Di

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The Marriage

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